There are two contact centre solutions from Avaya which can be deployed with the latest release of Avaya IP Office (release 10):

Avaya IP Office Contact Center (IPOCC)

• Multichannel contact centre functionality and simplicity for medium-sized companies where customer service is important.
• Targets existing and potential IP Office customers with 5 to 250 agents (9.1 and 10 releases), with typically between 50 and 500 users, and typically up to 400 agents

Avaya Contact Center Select 7.0 (ACCS)

• Comprehensive multichannel contact centre functionality for medium-sized companies where customer service is a key priority.
• Targets end-users with up to 2000 users (release 10).

Key Features

  • Fully integrated contact centre
  • Skills-based routing
  • Call Recording
  • Multichannel (Voice, Email, Web chat) (+ text messaging and fax with ACCS)
  • Reporting (real-time & historical)
  • Channel prioritisation
  • Single intuitive user interface


The agent voice licence is required as a minimum for every agent. Agents managing enquiries via chat and email will also require the multichannel licence in addition.
A supervisor licence is available for any user wishing to have Supervisor privilege.


IPOSS is mandatory for IP Office Contact Center and Contact Center Select.

Certification requirements and technical pre-requisites

For full details, please download the Westcon “Tell Me About” IP Office 10 solutions guide.


With two contact centre solutions now available for Avaya IP Office, how do you know which solution to position in which scenario? Here’s a comparison of the two solutions:

Avaya Contact Center for IP Office 10 positioning

Supporting the business Key for the business
5 to 30 (IP500 V2) or 250 agents (Server Edition) 10 to 400 agents
Typically for companies where 10% to 20% of employees are contact centre agents Typically for companies where 30%+ of employees are contact centre agents
Some IT communications knowledge is required, but the end customer will most likely rely on consultants or a trusted local partner Will be typically managed by CIOs and tech savvy experts most likely familiar with contact centre solutions and database integration
Simplicity Feature richness
Voice centric with multichannel:
voice, email, web chat
Blended multichannel:
voice, email, web chat, text (SMS), fax
English, French, German, Spanish, Italian G-14 languages
Preview, progressive outbound calling
Local or remote agents
Skills-based routing
Reporting (real-time and historical)
Call recording
Database directed routing

IP Office sales and technical Training

Be ready to sell, install and maintain Avaya IP Office, summarise value statements and predict top customer objections. Training is available via the Westcon Academy in several locations in Europe.

Which headsets?

Nowadays, it seems natural to equip contact centre agents with headsets. But not all headsets are created equal. Check our "Tell Me About" IP Office guide to see which headsets to recommend with IPOCC or ACCS and make sure the quality of audio calls are not blamed wrongly on the solution.

Need advice on IPOCC or ACCS?

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