Sometimes it is difficult to get that elevator pitch concise, while at the same time hitting the key points that you want to resonate with a potential customer. So when I was recently presented a simple way of articulating the Avaya Networking proposition I thought it was a subject worth sharing on this blog: Avaya SPARX.
SPARX is the acronym used to sum up the Avaya Networking Fabric proposition. It stands for Security, Performance, Agility, Reliability and CompleXity — the quick statement behind each section is listed below and clearly highlights Avaya’s heritage and strength with their Networking Fabric.



• Fully secure isolation of applications and tenants into their own domains
• Achieves PCI compliance
• Provides a layered approach to defence
• Automation to reduce human error


• Network, data, voice and video multicast
• Reconverges fast — no application outages


• Deploys applications 20 times faster
• Reduce human error by 100%
• Improves SLAs
• Reduces OPEX


• “Always on” with Voice, UCC


• Kept simple: one open standards-based protocol
• Full core automation
• Deployed in no time

A great example of how Avaya’s Fabric can be used to address these issues is represented well in the recent SDX Fx Healthcare vertical work Avaya have published recently. When it comes to areas such as security, it is often a trade off against speed, as reconfiguring the network to meet the varying demands of the users can be very time consuming on traditional networks. However with SDN Fx, deploying new applications and devices from various points in the network can be secured and automated with SDN Fx. These capabilities are equally applicable to the other vertical industries such as Retail, Manufacturing and Hospitality.

Dave Garwood
European Product Manager at Westcon

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