Avaya IP Office Select (IP Office 10) is targeted at larger mid market companies, typically between 1000 and 3000 users (previously up to 2500 with IP Office 9.1). It includes all the features of Server Edition, plus enterprise-grade functionality: enterprise-class scalability, resiliency and security, as well as the simplicity, flexibility and value of IP Office.

Key Features

  • 3000 users across 150 sites (Dell R630 or Virtual required to achieve scale enhancements)
  • 250 voicemail ports (500 with dual VM Pro)
  • 512 conference channels
  • LDAP/Active Directory user synchronisation
  • High availablity when deployed on VMware
  • Software resiliency improvements


  • IP Office Select is a mode that is configured in the core IP Office and validated by licensing.
  • All systems/nodes within the deployment must be the same, either all IP Office Select or all Server Edition.
  • IP Office Select licences will only be supported via PLDS. ADI cannot be used for Select.
  • For customers wanting to upgrade to Select, existing Server Edition licences need to be migrated by purchasing a new set of Select licences.

Deployment scenarios

IP Office Select is supported on server and virtualised OVA platforms.

IP Office Server Edition vs IP Office Select


R10 Server Edition

R10 Select

Solution Users* 2000 3000
Users on a single server 1500 3000
Nodes/Sites 32 150
UC users 750 3000
VM ports 150 250
Solution VM ports 150 500
Recording channels 150 500
Paging group size 128 256
Hunt groups 300 600
Conference channels 256 512
Soft console 32 75

*Dell R630 should be used for ALL new solution configurations

Avaya IP Office 10 comparison Select vs Server Edition

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